To start with our UNIQUE offering Sqrrl Away which helps users invest their spare change on a regular basis is absolutely FREE indefinitely.

As you already know, we are a zero-commission platform that offers direct mutual funds. We save you from the hassle of paying 1-2% commission fees to the distributor which might sound small now but in the longer run ends up eating into your investment returns. Starting from 17th August 2020, we will have two pricing styles. 

1. Platform Advisory Fees: A small amount of Rs. 30 (inc. GST) will be charged for making the flow of money between the customer and the AMC easier. You would appreciate that this is a very small cost for the host of services and conveniences that we provide to you.    

2. Sqrrl Prime Membership: Sqrrl Prime is a subscription-based membership offered by us to avail some of the most coveted financial benefits. You can enjoy financial wellness coaching, make unlimited free transactions, file Income Tax Returns free, get accidental coverage on a monthly and yearly basis. The pricing for which starts at Rs. 199 per month and Rs. 1,999 per year. If you have multiple members in your family using Sqrrl, then you can get the family subscription pack. For the family pack, the pricing starts at Rs. 299 per month and Rs. 2,999 per year.


Note: Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.