Follow the below-mentioned steps to set-up SIP on Sqrrl:


  • Log in to the app or website and select invest in equity (SIP).

  • You can give a name to your investment to add up to the investment sentiment.

  • You can select the monthly SIP amount displayed (minimum Rs. 500/ month) or set a custom amount (in multiples of Rs. 100).

  • You can choose the tenure of investment from the given options of 1year, 2 years, 3 years or until stopped (any duration of investment).

  • Sqrrl will show you projected Savings for 3, 5 and 10 years and an option to proceed further.

  • Sqrrl then gives you 3 portfolios to choose from, based on your appetite to handle risk and your desire of the returns:


         ~ Conservative – Lower Risk and Lower Returns

         ~ Practical – Medium Risk and Medium Returns

         ~ Adventurous – Higher Risk and Higher Returns


You can select the portfolio of your choice, make the payment and your SIP investment will be processed.